Wedding planner Iceland

Summer weddings are the most popular and if you are planning to have a church wedding, for example in Budir, it can be difficult to get a date set up if you don´t check the availability in good time before your preferred date. However it might be easier to plan everything in a shorter time range if  you are thinking of having an outdoor ceremony  instead. If you are eloping in Iceland you can get help with all documents and the rest of the planning if you hire a wedding planner in Iceland that know the process well and can give you suitable advice regarding locations suitable for your stay, photography, videography and maybe also your honeymoon planning.

Some tips to help you plan your wedding in Iceland

It sounds like a dream to get married in the atmospheric, waterfall rich, lava field landscape of Iceland. Before you can plan the fun stuff you need to deal with som paperwork. Some paperwork can take long time so start planning your wedding in Iceland some months in advance. The earlier you begin the less the stress will be and the total experience will be better.

Some Icelandic marriage legal requirements:

  1. You have to be at least 18 years old and not already be married.
  2. If divorced you need a special document called a divorce decree.
  3. You must stay legal in Iceland which means you have a visa or resident permit.
  4. Both of you need to have valid passports.You can get more detailed information of required documents at: Iceland.is

Our part of your planning is in the fun sector. We can help you with both photography and videography and would love to be your wedding photographer in Iceland. We wish you good luck with the planning of your dream wedding in Iceland!